Rescue Journal


Erin  ·  Jan. 29, 2019

Meet Oslo and Lisbon, or Ozzie and Liz for short. They became Saints today! Oslo has a splayed leg, he moves like Charlie does, the leg stays out to the side. Lisbon had an injury to her foot at one time, she uses her leg fine but two toes seem slow to grasp. They are bonded, and quite young. Oslo is much smoother looking, Liz seems fluffier. He is also more outgoing than she is, but both seem pretty content and friendly. I love birds! I love everything about them. The MP is full of chatter every day, Pi and Blueberry are especially talkative. Paris and London are very much a bonded pair, they often nest together too. It's nice to have new additions. I've been missing Penny, and I still notice Chickie's absence. Speaking of lonely areas... The sheep calling for dinner sounds a bit hollow. We are so missing Little! She wasn't little in stature and she certainly wasn't lacking in the personality department either. Dammit.

Anyway, welcome Lisbon and Oslo!

The first three pictures are Lisbon, the last two are Oslo. The last photo is both of them eating, you can really see the difference in the feathers!



hi brenda..they are ring neck doves...different subspecies than paris and london but still doves.


Erin...just wondering, are they doves? Ozzie and Liz are beautiful..thanks for the pics.