Rescue Journal

Whiskey gets a home (for reals this time)

Erin  ·  Jan. 31, 2019

Whiskey was Whiskers when she was surrendered to SAINTS. We were super full at the time but I was concerned for her. For those of you who dont know, I answer the SAINTS "info" email. This is why I call myself a volunteer as well as staff, because I spend about two hours a day every day answering email (from home). I took over the inbox from Nicole, I dont even remember when...six years ago maybe? Longer? Anyways, part of the responsibility of this is turning down or letting in animals to our sanctuary. Some of the local shelters still phone Carol directly, eventually even they will have to go through me. Its stressful and very difficult, to decide who gets in and who doesnt. I have to read between the lines more often than the lines themselves to see who needs what and when. Anyway, back to the story.

Whiskey was an owner surrender. We took her in when we did not really have room, the only space we had was in the house cat rooms. Normally we try to keep the shy cats in the MP and the more outgoing ones (and also the super frail) in the house. Whiskey was really shy, she had seen the vet and her cage door was open for a few weeks but she still wouldnt come out. The house is a busy place, lots of activity, lots of people, lots of animals. Very overwhelming to a sheltered senior cat. A lovely couple with an approved adoption application came to visit the cats and fell hard for Whiskey. We elected to let them take her home and she did amazingly well in their home. But Whiskey was not nice to the resident cat, really not nice, and it wasnt fair, so she came back to us. It happens, and its ok. By the time Whiskey needed back into SAINTS, there was room in the MP, so thats where she went. She did really well in the medical room, but was not a fan of the other cats. Then one day a lady named Laura came for a tour and to drop off the donations she had raised over the holidays. Laura and Whiskey had an instant bond. Laura came back the following week for another tour, and to see if the connection between her and this sweet gray cat was still there. She sent in her application soon after. Laura was wiling to let me take my time going through her application, I told her Whiskey wasnt to be rushed. Laura said no problem, she would wait. I am telling you, this cat and this woman have something really remarkable. I am hopeful that tonight, this first night in her new home, is the stuff of dreams. A forever family. Who could ask for anything more?

I will keep you posted!