Rescue Journal

the significance of insignificance

Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2019

take a bee for example..the size of my thumbnail yet it can terrorize me if it is too close to me because when it stings it hurts. more importantly tho, if (when?) the bee becomes extinct...the entire planet is toast.
this got me important are we individually and/or collectively?
as a single human entity, even in my insignificance to the larger scheme of things, i have the potential to cause great harm or great good depending on the choices made by me.

ask shyla who for the first time in her life feels safe in a room, on a couch, within a few feet of me.
or ask the 2 dogs erin and i are going to see with probable cushings and a mouth full of rotten teeth and the other, an elder lost in a fog of bewildered upside down, unsure of anything.
we should ask them in a month or two how significant today's visit and our ultimate decisions will be to them.

what is that saying?.."i can't save them all but i can save this one."

we have some truly great animals here...granted they are kind of worn and tattered and might not be around forever. maybe they have a few quirky things about them that make them less than ideal.
trixie is a great dog, mr. T is one of my all time favorites. Boomer 2, a 4 yr old cat is pretty obese but he could lose a few inches in a home of his own that was committed to his well being.
and sure they are all relatively happy here so maybe a home of their own is not of huge significance to them might make a great deal of difference to another lost or sick elder soul who is waiting to get in here.

there are days i wonder.... what's the point? honestly does the universe even care as one after another unwanted imperfect animals finds their way here?
probably not... but the thing is...i do care.
what saints does has been significant to almost 1000 insignificantes out there.

i just hope the bees can hang in for us and for all of the other innocent insignificant beings everywhere.



Love this post. The power of one, then multiple by thousands - just think how much good can be done.

Alyson Marie Nerker

Sorry but I have to pipe up here. I've NEVER been stung by a bee. A wasp yes, but never a bee. It is sad that the wasps are referred to as bees, and, if indeed you meant a wasp then don't give the bees a bad rap.