Rescue Journal

Meet the newest Saints

Erin  ·  Feb. 4, 2019

On Saturday Carol and I went out to Chilliwack Animal Control to take a look at a couple of their dogs. We had been told that one was a yorkie (and we thought, meh, can always fit a tiny lil thing like that, no problem). One was a lab x who will remain at the CARE Centre but that would enter our foster program if we are able to find her a home (she doesn't actually have to come in to Saints, so no problem there either). The last one was supposed to be an old Chow with bad skin. Sight unseen, I was thinking... No. Bad skin means lots of handling. Baths. Creams. Meds. And a Chow? Not always the friendliest of breeds, and when they are not feeling well everyone knows it. So driving out there, we mentally rotated dogs to try to fit this poor old dog, who probably was not going to like other dogs or cats. Probably needed to live alone. Probably a bit of an asshole. Probably easier to just say no.

Did we? Of course not.

Meet Dynamite. Named for his explosive personality. Seriously. Then there's Sunny, the lovely girl who will remain with AC until we can find her a permanent foster home. Sunny is so awesome! She's a total delight. She adores people but doesn't tolerate other dogs at all and has a prey drive so no cats or other small animals. Oh and she's on daily meds for degenerative disk disease (hence the foster program).

And finally, introducing Primrose. She's rather sad looking isn't she? She tends to pace around the room and we don't know why yet (Anxiety? Brain tumour? Pain?) She is utterly sweet and sensitive and timid and we are Oh so glad we were able to shift things in order to make space for her. Prim was found circling someone's yard, wasn't their dog so they called AC to come collect her, which they did. They called us after the 10 day stray hold was up and no one, not one person came looking. She's underweight. Has ear infections. Missing patches of hair. And now she's a Saint. We got you Prim. Welcome!



Yeah...Prim pulls at the heartstrings for sure. She is so timid, and seems quite lost. She wore herself out pacing, and I was relieved when she finally curled up on a soft bed....and then slept through the night. Is she possibly deaf too? I hope she feels safe soon...sweet girl
Oh, and Dynamite is such a cutie...wish he could give Prim some of his self confidence.