Rescue Journal


Erin  ·  Feb. 8, 2019

Prim saw the vet, had some testing done. Her liver values are way too high (which can cause neurological problems), and her weird distended stomach is normal for a dog who has produced many many litters of pups. New medications and we are off to the races to help Primrose feel better!

Tootsie was spayed yesterday, she came out of the surgery fine. Her little uterus WAS infected so the vet was right in her suspicions. Tootsie spent the night last night at the vet, she will come home today sometime. Whew, good thing we caught that early, having a pyometra is life threatening. It will be a slow go for Tootsie to heal but with a bit of luck and diligence on our part she will get there.

Newbies Oslo and Lisbon are interesting. Liz doesnt fly. She flaps a bit but never gets off the ground. Ozzie flies but due to that leg he has a hard time landing. I am going to see if the vet recommends amputation. Oz tries to land on tree branches or shelves but he cant grip with just the one leg so he usually ends up flying down to the ground. Neither of them would last in the wild. Paris and London are very curious about them, Paris was puffed up for a couple of days so I was keeping Oz and Liz in the one aviary room at night, but Paris and Liz were hanging out on the floor together yesterday (not puffy Paris, regular Paris) so we are getting there. Special needs birds all right.

Whiskey is doing very well in her new home! She is exploring and eating well, they have another week to go in the trial period but so far so good!

Yesterday Doug got both the generators ready to go for this next storm. Thank you so much Doug! Hopefully we wont need them but we are grateful we have them when we do.

We have accepted a new cat into our care. This boy will be coming from the SPCA in Haida Gwaii. He is only 3 so not senior at all, but he is special needs. The shelter tells us he has fecal incontinence. He will jump off something, and when he lands, poop falls out. Nobody wants to adopt him because of this. Honestly, we get so hung up on poop and pee from our pets! Everybody poops. Pick it up and go on with your life its just not that big a deal.

Carol, Janette and Mo are going to see a horse today. We cant accept him at SAINTS (no room) but if we can help him somehow, we will. More to follow in this story I am sure.



How is Tootsie doing a few days in? ❤❤❤

Thank goodness you all caught the pyometra...that's nasty business. Good job guys.

Linda Kurtz

So happy to hear that Tootsie had her surgery and is doing well. Pyometra is nasty, good that you caught it early.
Hope Prim will feel better soon too..


Thanks for the updates Erin....I really appreciate you taking the time ...glad to hear Tootsie will be coming back today❤