Rescue Journal

Visitors, newbies and a name game

Erin  ·  Feb. 23, 2019

Johanna is on holidays, her dogs are with us until she's back. These guys are so funny, all three are quirky sweet souls who are busy busy (then naptime) then busy busy (then another nap). They are certainly aging though, more naps than busy busy now, it wasn't always this way. I guess as we grow old we nap more? Maybe. We also get all cute and wrinkly. Lookit Lizzy. Lookit her. Adorable!

Also back for a visit is Maggie. Maggie's mom has some health issues so we care for Maggie when she can't. Maggie is interesting. She's a literal nightmare to get in a crate to transport, like Kevlar gloves kind of nightmare. She is usually furious for a couple of hours , then she gets over herself and needs loves. She's a beauty!

We took in a new cat late this afternoon. We knew she was coming but didn't realize it would be quite this soon, but oh well. Her name is Boots. We'll get pictures soon, but Carol did the intake tonight as the staff had all gone home and she has .. Umm.. technical difficulties with her cell camera. The last cat we had named Boots was super sweet, and there was just something about her that pulled at me. I adored her. Tomorrow we will be taking in another cat, he's coming from Haida Gwai. His name is Charlie but I think we should change it to Charles. In the MP there are three Charlie's...Charlie the rooster, Charley the cat, and Charlie Johanna's little guy. Plus Charley the doodle in foster care with Sheila and Leila. We usually have animals with the same name at the same time don't get me wrong but five Saint Charlie's? Right now we have Gus the sheep and Gus the dog, two canine Molly's, Boomer the dog and Boomer the cat, Maggie the duck and Maggie the visiting cat. Can you recall any other past pairs? I can name a bunch that had the same name but at the same time, that's tricky!



Was Cuddles the dog and Cuddles the cat at SAINTS at the same time?
Seriously having one Cuddles was bad but two.

Johanna Hickey

Thank you so much, Erin for your kind comments about my dogs. Yes sadly they are ageing and at 15, 16 and 17, they are sleeping more and more. Thank you for the delightful photo of my little Lizzie. She looks so happy. I really appreciate the good care that you are taking of my dogs at Saints. Please give them all a hug from me. All the best and see you next Sunday.


shelagh f

how about all the Buddys? seems to me there were a few of
them, browns, blacks and blondes