Rescue Journal

A day in the life.

Erin  ·  Mar. 7, 2019

Look at this picture. Really look at it.

Can you imagine living in there? That is a rabbit hutch. It is split down the middle so the two rabbits who lived there could not actually touch. One rabbit lived on each side.

Day after day those two rabbits lived in that hutch. No outside time. No vet care. No contact with each other. Very little contact with people. In the baking heat of the summer. In the freezing cold of winter. They knew nothing outside of their boxes. They would have known the other was there though. Did they communicate through the wall? Did they know each other inside and out even though they had never met?

7 years.

84 months.

364 weeks.

2548 days.

I cant even wrap my head around spending one hour in there. With enough room to turn around, but not much else. Looking out at the world through the wire. What did they see? Children playing in the backyard? Lawn chairs and butterflies and sunshine? Did they huddle against the back wall during storms? Did predators stalk them in the night? This is not a life worth living.

Why is SAINTS so important? Why do we pull together and involve more people, more donors, more volunteers to help sustain us for the future? Why do those of us involved with SAINTS feel it, right down to the bone? Why do we lay awake at night, worried about this one, or that one? Why do we take such pride in our little 3 acre sanctuary? Why does being involved with SAINTS become part of who we are? Why do we give it everything we've got? Because the Dumbledores and Snapes of the world need us to. Who else would willingly take in two senior rabbits, both of whom needed immediate and extensive vet care? Who else would commit to these two rabbits for the rest of their lives, knowing they would have little adoption prospects and having that not matter?

We saved their lives. THATS what we do. We dont just provide food, and vet care, and a roof. We provide a life worth living. And everything.

Snape and Dumbledore have that, now. Thanks to you.


Penny Veresh

Snape & Dumbledore are so sweet and gentle. It must feel like heaven to them at Saints. Can't imagine how awful their lives must have been, locked in a cage for 7 years. Sadly, there must be countless other bunnies living in such horrible conditions.


Poor babies... How did they get so lucky to find their way to you?


💕 so grateful to play a small part in this special place..where even "bunny dreams" come true....