Rescue Journal

mo's roxy has passed away

Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2019

she wasn't technically a saint but in reality she was. roxy had been coming to saints with mo since we opened in 2005. every weekend she would join the saintly crew out in the barn, in the fields, at our picnics and work parties she has been a fixture at saints for 14 years.
i watched mo with her these past few months as roxy began the slow but steady slide towards the end of her life. and what i saw was such a soft and gentle kindness, a deep and rich caring as mo helped roxy navigate the difficult waters of extreme old age.
i will remember roxy in her kick ass youth completely owning and embracing her weekends at saints. and i will remember watching mo gently guide her old and sometimes bewildered best friend, hand feeding her the best of treats to make sure she got enough to eat.
i know mo's heart is broken over the loss of her dearest friend, but i also know that roxy had the very best life that any dog could have been given.
rest in peace roxy, you were a truly great dog and hugs to mo who carries so many memories of loving this very special dog.



Thanks for writing about and remembering my girl. She definatley was a kick-ass girl in her youth and our weekends at SAINTS will always be some of my best memories of our life together.


I’m so sorry mo she really was a saint near the end toddling around with the younger ones you could not have given her a better life she was one of the truly lucky ones she had a great life filled with love isn’t that what we want for all of them she lucked out having no for a mom rip peace rosy will miss you at the barn you were a very sweet girl


I always thought it was so great that Roxy was clearly part of the Saints "barn dog" family on weekends..such a special experience she and Mo enjoyed together for years...
I'm sure she is missed by her Saints "pack" .. RIP Roxy..
Hugs to you Mo