Rescue Journal

Brooklyn gets a home

Erin  ·  Mar. 14, 2019

Sometimes (but lets be honest, not often) an animal comes into SAINTS and we think, Oh, Theyll get a home no problem, just a matter of time. Tido and Theo for example. Genuinely lovely animals anyone would be lucky to welcome home. Theo found her forever home, and we just know Tido will too. Other animals...well, we figure they will live out their lives at our sanctuary. Brooklyn was one of these animals.

I was there the day Brooklyn came in. Remember I told you I deal with incoming animals from the public? Yeah, Brook was one that came in through me. A bulldog with skin allergies, owned by an elderly couple who were starting to drop the ball on her care. Other family members tried to help but skin dogs need such a tight, specific care plan, there is no room for dropping any kind of balls and not doing it. The meds had been stopped and by the time Brooklyn came to us she was a mess. She was all kinds of gross, eyes, ears, mouth, skin, everywhere was infected. It took us awhile, but we got her under control. Brooklyn in good health is still a mess. Still had plenty of roadblocks to steer away most folks. Bulldogs are just bred weird! Her jaw is misshapen, doesnt really close properly, teeth stick out to the sides like an alligators. Her shoulders and hips are arthritic, she hardly likes to walk far enough to go outside to pee. So here we have a dog who needs a special diet. Daily medication. Baths. Has mobility issues. Pees in the house. Snores louder than the TV. And along comes this family.

Brooklyn won the lottery none of us even knew she had a ticket for! We are all in awe of this family, they think she is wonderful (she is!) and we think they are pretty wonderful themselves. They saw Brooklyn for who she is. They knew she could be a valued family member again. Roadblocks? Nah, not to them. We are still early in the trial period, but so far, so good!


Lenore Henry

That is such great news for Brooklyn - she looks so content in her new home....❤️


Oh I'm so happy to see these pics. I was here on Sunday when Brooklyn's new family took her home....very special folks for sure. Look at that happy mug!