Rescue Journal


Erin  ·  Mar. 20, 2019

The SAINTS aviary is home to four pairs of birds.

Charlie and Annie took awhile to really get close, Charlie only had eyes for Chickie and I am sure losing her was hard for him. He and Annie have since bonded, they are a couple now. Annie lays an egg almost every day. I feel guilty when I take it, but I cant leave it, we are not in the business of making more chickens. The other day it was Charlie that had been sitting on the egg. Imagine how shitty I felt taking that egg after he wandered out to eat. I felt like a monster! An egg-thieving meanie. What the hell do you do?

Paris has been with us for many years. When Janelle found London, it was like fate was stepping in. Paris took some time to accept London and all his advances, but she has and they are a pair. London often brings pieces of straw to Paris to help build a nest, which is really cute, but again, we do not want baby birds. Luckily for me, Paris only laid eggs once. Now they go through all the motions of courtship, or maybe they just truly love each other and it doesnt matter that no babies are going to come along.

Oslo and Lisbon are best friends. Pretty sure they are brother and sister too. Now that Liz can fly, they go all over the place! These two are content, happy, friendly, ringneck doves, who love each other just the way they are.

Blueberry and Jack lived with us for years, until Jacks passing in 2017. Blueberry was devastated so Carol quickly called around to other shelters to see if anyone had a lone budgie. Pi came along, and soon these two were inseparable. The go everywhere together. The odd time they arent together, they are in constant communication, calling to each other. Usually they go from perch to perch, room to room, one after the other. Definitely a matched pair.

The aviary is like the rabbit room, such zen spaces. If you take the time to get to know even the smallest Saints, you will be amazed by them just as we are. Everyone needs a friend, and we have tried really hard to make that happen for our animals, offering them the best life possible.



Thanks for sharing this insight into the birds at SAINTS, love this post and it is clear these birds are loved.