Rescue Journal

You've come a long way baby!

Erin  ·  Mar. 23, 2019

Charlotte is so great. She is smart, friendly and pretty easy going. She is living the life all pigs deserve. After the longest winter ever all the Saints are sun worshipping every chance they get, Charlotte included. Charlotte is our biggest pig. Emily is our biggest cow. Em is interesting... Curious and kind of demanding, a girl who knows what she wants, that's for sure. Both of them together really puts it in perspective how lucky they are. Hazel has come a long way. She's become more settled, more trusting that she is safe. Her life of uncertainty is over. She had a hard time believing that but seems much more at home now.

Skye has changed from a timid, dejected, sore old horse who it seemed believed he was useless and unloved. Oh he is not at all those things. Skye is a soft hearted and gentle horse and we are so grateful he came into our lives. He got groomed today. I wasn't sure if he would like it, I brought plenty of treats and different brushes. In my head I had hoped he would not mind it and I could spend a half hour with him. It ended up taking me about two hours. He was cribbing at bit at first, but I kept talking and kept brushing. At certain times his head would droop and his eyes would start closing.He especially loved his head and neck brushed, his Mohawk just kinda happened (but it was windy so it wouldn't stay up haha) as the top of his head was the favourite. He's stylin!

This is the resident cat, I don't know his name. He came to say hello. Can you not tell just from the photos the disposition Skye has?

I spoke to Rick's wife Susan, she was telling me how floored they all are at the stable about how different Skye is, how he has really come into his own and is now curious and interested in everything. It's like he has just discovered that he is worth it. That defeated look is gone, he feels good and now knows his life is worth living.


Linda Kurtz

I wish I lived close enough to be a volunteer. I would love to come every day and spend a couple hours brushing a horse or two. For me that would be heaven! So glad Skye's life is so much better now.