Rescue Journal


Erin  ·  Mar. 26, 2019

First off, today was Shelley's last day. Shelley has been in the barn Mondays and Tuesdays, she is leaving us to take on a full time job teaching riding lessons in Maple Ridge. Very exciting times and we wish her all the best! Thank you Shelley!

Maui has gone out on a trial adoption with the lovely couple who took Whiskey home the first time. Things are going alright so far, Maui is really making herself at home! Maui and the resident cat Lady are not interacting just yet but Maui was so non-reactive with us (with tons of cats) hopefully it wont be an issue sharing a home with just one ;)

Cookie is out on a permanent foster trial. I do not have a photo just yet but things are going so far so good there too, yay!

Tootsie is going to be going home with volunteer Tracey once she moves into her new place! How exciting for them! Tootsie is literally the sweetest dog in the world.

Boomer2 and Farley have moved up into the suite with Ariel. Eventually they will be allowed to wander upstairs and downstairs same as Ariel does, but for now all three are in the suite in an attempt to bond and settle :) Both boys are LOVING their new digs!

Say hello to Princess! New Saint as of today, Princess came in as her dad has dementia and can no longer care for her. Princess has lived with this family for all of her 17 years (yes really! 17!) She is so frickin cute and in amazing shape for her age. No matter how many wonderful homes we find, there is always another who is losing theirs.