Rescue Journal

Love has no labels

Erin  ·  Mar. 28, 2019

Dr. Brent from Agwest came out today. He checked out Cinder's chronic upper resp infection (which we are not going to treat unless she shows signs of malaise). He checked out Winston's broken tusk (it is fine, it will grow out past his lip in time). It was funny as hell though, we were in the barnyard at 4pm, and we were way over the other side of the upper field when Brent asked me What is that awful high pitched screaming? Winnie. Waiting not-so-patiently for dinner. He did not believe me. Oh yeah I said, I dont even have to turn around to see, its definitely Winnie. Him and Teddy, man, those two can break glass. If youve ever heard it, you know exactly what Im talking about. Eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee! Translation: Dinner! Now! Knees to chest lady!

The vet also checked out Emily's swollen teat. This was the main reason for his visit. However, Emily did not want to show him her teat. Like really did not want him looking. He talked about how if it gets infected our options are slim, shes just not going to allow us to scrape it out every day. He believes its hormonal, shes producing a bit of milk, who knows why (lets be honest ladies, sometimes those lady parts have a freakin mind of their own). Em's body should deal with it much better than we can, so crossing fingers it just fixes itself. Emily is not just a regular cow, she is a massive cow and if she doesnt want you doing something, well, shes two tons of Hell No that nobody is going to argue with. Dr. Brent is thrilled with how Raven and Rudy look. He thinks we are doing a great job keeping the weight on Raven, and at his age we are not going to reinvent the wheel, just add some supplements and keep on feeding him as we are. Years ago I knew this little old lady, a friends grandma. At her 84th birthday party she refused a piece of cake because she was worried about the calories. Are you kidding? Just eat the damn cake! So if Ray wants to eat beet pulp and Step 6 pellets, at his age, who cares? Ray can eat the cake.

Brenda and I took Mocha and Ben to the school field late this afternoon. These two get along really well, most of the time ;) Benjamin is paraplegic, Mocha doesnt care. Mocha is sightless, Ben doesnt care. These things just dont matter to them. Thats just as it should be. Mocha is no less herself just because she has no eyes. And Ben is still Ben, whether he walks or drags or is in his wheels. Honestly, we people could learn so much from animals if we are just willing to be taught.



I loved watching Ben and Mocha together in the field yesterday.....they are quite a cute couple.
Mocha definitely puts more miles on than Ben, investigating all over the field; while Ben prefers to sit and take in the view... especially Mocha!.
A Frenchie and. Boston enjoying the gift of friendship.💕