Rescue Journal

Blind Love

Erin  ·  Mar. 30, 2019

Lorraine knew before she met her. She told us, she just KNEW Mocha was the dog for her.

Lorraine recently lost her beloved dog, and had been looking for another Boston Terrier who needed a home. She cried as she talked about how special SAINTS is for doing what we do. Mocha is 12. She has a history of cancer. She is blind, having had both eyes removed due to glaucoma (actually one of the worst cases of glaucoma we have seen). Mocha does not like most other animals (save Ben, and even then it was hit or miss with those two). All these things added up to...well, not a lot of hope for a happy ever after forever home coming along. But, come along one did.

Mocha began her new life yesterday. She will be doted on and spoiled and cuddled every day, by her very own person in her very own home. Lorraine fell head over heels in an instant online, and in person Mocha did not disappoint. They are a great match! Love looks not with the eyes, but with the heart. We wish them a lifetime of happiness together!



Oh...I'm so happy to read this wonderful news for Mocha...Woohoo little deserve all the love Lorainne can lavish on you..❤

Lenore Henry

Beautiful - all the very best to Mocha and Lorraine in their new life together ❤

shelagh f

wow, Lorraine, you are a rock star. thank you so much
for taking and loving Mocha