Rescue Journal

A home for Cookie

Erin  ·  Apr. 2, 2019

Cookie was surrendered to SAINTS back in the fall of last year. As a paraplegic, the level of care Cookie requires proved to be too much for her original owner. Alana was a friend of Cookie's person, and when she found out that Cookie had been surrendered to us she reached out. Alana had adopted one of Cookie's puppies some 10+ years ago. Alana and Cookie's son Tank came to visit and we had numerous conversations about the daily care needs of a paraplegic dog. This is a family with small children in home, they already have a dog and they still wanted to offer Cookie a forever home! This just does not happen very often! As a permanent foster, all of Cookie's medical care will be covered by SAINTS, but she is now living in her very own home with her very own family. We could not be more thrilled! Congratulations all!



What a wonderful gift for an old dog. There are amazing people out there and Cookie found hers.

shelagh f

that is such a great end to the story. great people, with big
hearts are out there. thanks Tank, and your family, for
helping a lovely, little dog

Lenore Henry

This is such great news for Cookie - she is such a sweet little girl - thank you to her new family…..❤️


Oh... It's so wonderful to see these pics. Cookie looks so happy and content. Thank you Alana and family.❤