Rescue Journal

a sad day at saints.

Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2019

life and death..just one breath between.

peeps passed away today. that poor little tiny chick had every challenge stacked against him and yet he tried so hard. but sometimes the fight, the will to live, is just not enough.
rest in peace tiny mighty mite.

andy passed peacefully away today. he had been with us for 14 yrs. he came in as a unsocialized feral little dog and as far as humans were concerned, that is how he stayed. but andy was happy here, he spent his life not only safe and well loved but also respected for who he was and accepted for who he couldn't be.
andy has had many dog friends over the years..lexi he thought was his mother, cole he thought of as his father, copper became his older brother and jesse was just his hero in the extreme.
for the last few years andy basked in the warmth of his friendship with kyah and marin.

it is interesting living with a dog for so many years who truly distrusted humans. just taking andy in for vet checks and grooming required significant pre-planning including large doses of sedatives. but every step of the way of andy's life with us was about his physical and emotional comfort, his feelings of security and safety, the friendships and relationships that were important to him, his happiness and his choices to live the way that he chose to live.

love is not a two way street. all of the humans here loved andy dearly even tho none of us were greatly loved by him in return. but within the context of andy's comfort..he knew he could trust us to not only provide what he needed but to shelve our own needs for a reciprocal love...and just let andy be andy

andy has given me a great deal of joy over the years...he was a square peg living in a world of round holes...but he found his perfect fit here.

we will so miss our little disney you to the moon and back andy.


Alyson Marie Nerker

So sorry to hear. He was such a sweet heart. Rarely did I ever hear him bark, usually when the others were going crazy. Yes, he was happy and that is what is important. I'm sure there is a special place in all of our hearts for Andy and he will be forever missed by all of us. R.I.P.

shelagh f

My best memory of Andy, is feeding the bed buddies canned
dog food, a spoonful at a time. I am sure Andy got most of it.
I was amazed, that the dog who would hardly come close to
strangers, would forget all that for food. I am sure they have
lots of good canned food in doggy heaven, lots to share with
all your old friends


I didn't get a chance to meet lil very sorry he didn't make it....
But I did love Andy. He was such a cutie...whether he was groomed short, with those adorable ears... or left with his naturally long flowing fur, with those adorable ears! Either way he was a doll. I'm sad that Mairin and Kyah will miss their bed buddy tonight.
RIP Andy...I will miss you too

Lenore Henry

Such a sad day at Saints today - hugs to everyone ❤️ - I am so thankful Andy had so many good years at Saints knowing he was loved by all. I only wish little Peeps could have stayed longer…