Rescue Journal

Sam's first day.

Erin  ·  Apr. 12, 2019

Before I introduce Sam, have you guys met Phoebe yet? Phoebe came from Chilliwacks CARE Centre. How dogs like this become stray is beyond me. I just dont see how it's possible. Phoebe can't hear much (if anything), can't see much, very timid. No way was she was out there fending for herself for very long. Man she's adorable though! Not one to barge to the forefront, she just hangs back trying not to get noticed. She's very sweet. Phoebe was spayed and had a dental and enucleation through the CARE Centre. She's healed now and is literally one reason Carol began SAINTS in the first place.

Phoebe before grooming by Janelle

And Phoebe afterwards

Isn't she cute?

Sam came in today. He's 14, his folks are moving into assisted living and could no longer care for him. Sam is so cute and friendly! He's got cushings and is chuuuuuby. It's cuteness overload in the kitchen now.

When we built the medical room cats outside run we had hoped that the bird couple who nest in the soffets would elect to build their nest elsewhere this year. Well, they haven't. They have come back to raise this year's babies. We roofed part of the cat run back then but now we need to cover the rest. We cannot risk the baby birds coming out of the nest, trying to learn to fly but falling into the cat area instead. There's one more sheet of roofing tin out near the shed and garbage bin. If someone was feeling handy we would really appreciate this tin bolted to the tin that's already up there to provide baby bird fall protection. Please please please? I tried putting the tin up there today as I had the bright idea that it would just magically stay there (the roof is slanted I don't know what the fuck I was thinking) then I tried putting a cinder block ontop but then the whole fucking thing slides off. Why don't I just bolt the tin together you ask? Because everything I do has to be within reach of the third rung up the ladder. That's it, that's as far as I can go. I am quite possibly the UN-handiest person. It's supposed to rain this weekend so nobody go up there if it's risky.

Thank you!



Oh..both Phoebe and Sam are sweet dogs. Sam was following me around tonight...I made sure he got lots of extra cuddles and pets. Saints must be such a strange place to land for a little guy who's had a loving home for so long....nice to see him fall sound asleep in a bed of his choice in the kitchen later on. ❤