Rescue Journal

Trixie-Woo wants a home

Erin  ·  Apr. 18, 2019

There is always someone (or a few someones) that I think to myself, Man, if I had the space at home I would take you in a second. Trixie is one of these dogs for me.

I just love her and I am shocked she has had zero interest. Zero! Are you telling me nobody thinks shes awesome? SHE IS SO AWESOME. Not only is she smart, she genuinely likes people and wants to be with them. She wants to be a family companion. Someones best friend. She used to have someone, for sure. She knows tricks and commands even outside the norm. Somebody spent a whole lot of time with her. She must miss them, she seems to be always asking, Are you my person? Could you be my person?

Trixie does not barge through doors, she waits until you invite her in or out. She will not just go outside and go pee, even if you go through the door first then call her. She waits until you give her permission to go pee. It took me awhile to figure this out, I would call to her to come outside, them I would go back in, thinking she would just wander into the yard and do her business. Nope, she stands on the deck outside the door until I come back to tell her she can go pee. She knows the regular sit, stay, lay down, fetch and drop it, you name it, she was taught it. We only recently found out Trix liked fetch, it just kinda happened one day. Trixie is so polite she would never horn into playing with a ball in the lower field. Ella plays with everything, Trixie would not dream of something as rude as barging in and chasing Ella's ball. Vera chases Ella's ball, but Vera could not care less about the ball itself, she just loves a reason to run. Clover doesn't understand the idea of the game but she likes balls. So I have to throw for Ella, then throw for Trixie after Ella, Vera and Clover set off. Trixie beats Ella back every time. Ella fully understands the game she just comes back when she is good and ready, whereas Trixie comes straight back and not only does she know to drop it, she puts it right in your hand! No kidding! Who does that? Trixie does. The first time it happened, Trixie had found this seriously disgusting old tennis ball in the pond. I wasn't even sure what she had in her mouth, she was just walking along with it. It wasn't til I asked her if she wanted to drop it that I found out she wanted to go fetch this ball. Then when she returned she tried to put it in my hand, but I didn't understand. It took a few times of her showing me what she wanted to figure it out (she was patient, she knew I needed a few repetitions to clue in. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed).

Trixie is a senior. She has degenerative spinal problems. She takes daily arthritis pain control medication. So? Does that make her somehow less worthy of a home of her own? Course not. She is actually the ideal dog. Loves people, listens well, housebroken. Likes short walks and naps (who doesn't).

Some of our dogs are a hard sell. Ella, Stella, Benjamin, Shyla. Only certain homes would be equipped to handle these guys. Trixie, she just wants a family. A forever family.



Im so glad you have talked about the mp dogs I dont know much about them but know I do thanks erin


Yes, Brenda nailed it! We never go right in her room and most of the time unless someone is in there sitting with them....they bark so much you can barely be heard overtop of no she doesn't show well in that area.


I've also wondered why Trixie was not scooped up right away? She really is an ideal senior dog. Maybe during the tours Trixie could be seen better by folks if she is out of the communal MP room... either in her separate overnight room, or put on a leash and brought outside to meet people. More exposure to her awesomeness!