Rescue Journal

I am not religious, its just Friday to me

Erin  ·  Apr. 19, 2019

Thank you all for showing up today to help us care for the Saintly crew!

I got to spend some time with Phoebe today, she is alot different than I expected! She is so timid, it seems she gets startled every time we reach down to pet her. Today she spunked out after her bath, she got the zoomies (ok, not zoomies exactly..more of a quicker walk) but she was definitely having fun and showing it! She loves bum rubs. Bum rubs are my favourite thing to do to dogs, no idea why, but they almost always love it. Luna loves it so much when she comes up to me she offers her bum first :) Anyways, Phoebe gives kisses right on the mouth, she is so gentle. I also like to kiss dogs on the mouth. Ok. I kiss cats and chickens on the mouth too. Rabbits dont seem to like to be kissed on the mouth, Smaug gets tons of kisses dont worry, I just kiss him all over his face instead. I am starting to sound a bit weird. There could be more than one reason I dont have many friends haha! Dionne says to me today (we share an affection for chickens ;)) that she gave Charlie and Annie a mini cupcake last weekend from the volunteer appreciation treats. I said, Shit! So did I! Haha, lucky birds those two! If you ask Annie if she wants Up, she squats and moves her wings out a bit so you can pick her up. I havent been able to catch it on camera yet, youll just have to trust me that it is The. Most. Adorable. Thing. Right up there with a rabbit eating greens. So damn cute.

Theres another newbie little dog waiting for a spot out at Chilliwacks CARE center. She will be coming in soon. I bet she really is old and broken and not in good shape. I dont understand how or why Animal Control is coming across this many ancient dogs, dogs that have zero ability to survive out there on their own, its totally crazy.

Brooklyn went home again today. She trotted her little self down the driveway with her person pleased as punch that they came back for her (we did tell her they would be back, it was just a few weeks for a home reno, but seeing is believing). Jen and Jivans dogs Mario and Colin are visiting for a week. They are both calm and chill and fit in just fine, a home away from home.

Roane sends me this message earlier today:

This is Shop Team Captain Steele being supportive! HAHA!Boomer2 and Farley are beginning to explore more. They have supervised time in the bun garden. Well, actually, just Boomer so far, Farley isnt quite as outgoing.

Caption this:




So good to see Boomer so happy. He certainly is enjoying the change in his surroundings. Not too mention he loves the big bed.