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Erin  ·  Apr. 24, 2019

Thank you all for interacting with me on this blog. It is really interesting to hear all of your thoughts and ideas. I really liked reading about the hook that brought you in, thank you for sharing! The common theme seems to be that SAINTS supporters are drawn in by the animals and the dignity they are treated with. That says alot!

We are starting to get ready to bring Skye home. We had extra hog fuel delivered yesterday so we can remove and replace all the mulch in the riding ring. Charlotte thought this was THE BEST IDEA EVER!

We could have boarded any other horse out at Rick's barn indefinitely. Its a nice, quiet, safe place, Skye has been boarding there since mid-February. SAINTS normally has room for 5 horses. We have 5 now. Sophie, Dixie, Rudy, Raven and Amigo. We had hoped to keep Skye with Rick (who is quite possibly the nicest man ever) until we had an available stall in the barn. Skye was an sad, sore, old, lame horse who would have gone to the auction without SAINTS and Rick (we would not have been able to accept Skye if not for Rick agreeing to let us board with him, and board a cribber no less). We could not have saved Skye otherwise. Rick's barn has everything a horse needs, a warm and comfortable stall, and a clean, safe paddock. Theres also a riding ring, but no acreage for turn out. Most other horses would be totally cool with this set up! Remember how I said I dont know much about horses? I did not really know breeds, and I for sure did not know about breed characteristics and behaviours. Skye is a Thoroughbred. Wiki describes them as "hot-blooded, known for their speed, agility and spirit". Skye has been resting and putting on weight. Our vets and Ricks staff have found a great pain control regime. Turns out that Skye isnt so lame anymore. He isnt so sore. Hell, hes not even all that old (early 20s) and hes definitely done being sad. Skye needs space. He needs to run. He needs to come home. We are working on it. Its a pretty big worry. We have to set up properly. Is Skye going to get along with our horses? Is he going to run around like a nut for weeks? Are he and Dixie (both being ex-race horses) going to be competing in the Who Has The Best Looking Mane In The Wind contest? Oh boy. The sheep are all together at night now, and Em and Chevy get the open stall next to Doc and Chewy's (near Hazel). We will set Skye up in the undercover area attached to Amigos stall/SueSues pen, and use temporary fencing panels as a walk out for him, and he will be turned out with the other horses during the day. Have you ever read a blog in the past about SAINTS being flexible? Of course you have. We bend and twist and hash and rehash ideas until we figure it out. Always have.

In other news, little chi Molly has gone out on a trial adoption in the big city. So far so good! And Buddy has gone out as a trial foster! He is such a love. Good luck handsome pants!



Yay for Molly...
and a big Woohoo for Buddy...
Such great news for 2 great dogs

shelagh f

I remember last year watching the cows frolicking in the
new hog fuel. It was so funny to watch.
Good for you Molly, hope all goes well