Rescue Journal

2 saints passed away yesterday.

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2019

yoda suddenly stopped eating and was sleeping a lot. renee took him in to the clinic and sadly he was in severe kidney failure. because it came on so fast we did try rehydrating him with fluids and giving anti nausea meds but there was no positive effect after 24 hours so renee took him back for euthanization. she said he passed peacefully away with his head on her shoulder. yoda loved cuddles and he loved food, he had plenty of both here.
rest in peace were super cute, had a ton of character and will be greatly missed.

we also lost stanley who really has been hanging by a thread since he came in. he had some significant health issues, diabetes and severe dental disease. surgery was not a viable option due to his age and body condition. yesterday it all caught up with him and he nose dived and crashed.
stanley was a great cat, a strong cat..he had survived what would have brought most of us to our knees. his last few months consisted of a full belly, his choice of several clean and very soft beds, a quiet and comfortable companionship with the other cats, and very many human hands and hearts who loved him well.
rest in peace stanley, life may not have always been kind to you but you lived it with dignity and a truly gentle soul.


Lenore Henry

Rest in peace Yoda and Stanley - missed your little face today Yoda in the kitchen ❤️


Stanley goes to join Sailor Bob and Babe Ruth (the Babe). All of them lovely loving old boys with a bright spark within them in spite of all their adversities.


Stanley seemed to be more active last time I saw him. Hanging in different spots, awake and moving about. Glad his journey brought him to SAINTS.


RIP Yoda and Stanley..glad both these little senior boys knew all the comfort and kindness they so needed and deserved at Saints..
I will miss Yoda in the kitchen...