Rescue Journal

Conan has passed away

Carol  ·  Apr. 28, 2019

you can't help but admire a cat who is so horribly horrible in so many ways and yet is perfectly happy in his utter horribleness.
that was conan the barbarian, the most uncivilized, intentionally destructive, bad boy biker cat that i have ever met.
he sprayed everywhere..counters, toasters and stoves. Heck he would jump up on the counter while you were doing dishes and spray 2 inches away from your nose.
he knocked pictures off of walls, stuff off of the counters, he would grab you by his sharp teeth and claws when he felt like it and wasn't above terrorizing the other cats when he was bored.
conan did not care about manners, or cooperation, or following civilized rules...he LOVED being a barbarian and it perfectly suited him too.

and i have to some really twisted way, i too loved his barbarian ways. you just had to love a cat who had so much fun being a total badass.

all of that changed a couple of years ago..conan started to get old. he stopped whacking cats, dogs and people as they walked by. he stopped wrecking stuff, even his commitment to spraying urine everywhere possible started to wane. and this past year now that he was in his very late teens, he has been such a gentle and loving cat, his motor constantly purring, his head gently butting your face. no longer interested in creating havoc all over the place.

conan was an incredible cat, he had the strength of the mighty but even the mighty can't forever fight off ancient old age. today conan said he was done, he was ready to rest and so we took him into the vets.
conan passed peacefully from this world. i truly hope where ever he goes next he gets to rabblerouse to his hearts content.

i love you conan and will so very much miss were a one in a million cat.



Conan was a sweet old boy. I loved seeing his salt and pepper face every week. He will be missed.
So many losses in such a short time.


Thanks for this tribute to Conan, Carol. Remember when he used to rip the dryer hose to shreds?? Good times....
I really liked this barbarian too. Even his loud purring lately sounded like a motorcycle motor.
RIP Bad boy....I will miss you in the kitchen....on the dryer.