Rescue Journal

molly has passed away

Carol  ·  May 2, 2019

she had so many health issues stacked against her and yet on sunday she won the luck of the draw and went home with tracy, one of saints dedicated volunteers. we are so sad that molly and tracy did not have more time together but molly had a home at the very end of her life, she had a best friend whose tears anointed her with love as she passed gently away. thank you tracy for loving her. our deepest condolences on your loss.


Alyson Marie Nerker

OMG, So sorry to hear. Thanks for being a Sainte Tracy and giving Molly what we all want. A loving home.

Lenore Henry

I am so sorry Tracey - she was a sweet little girl - rest in peace Molly ❤


So very sorry Tracy that you only had 3 days together at home; but that was 3 extra days of love that Molly was given as a last gift from you.
RIP sweetheart...💞