Rescue Journal

Meet Pearl the second

Erin  ·  May 3, 2019

I want to give a huge shout out to Steven for fixing the doors on the MP building! Steven, you rock! Thank you!

I don't know what he did or how he did it, but both these doors look great and they open and close better than they ever have. So awesome!

Has little Pearl been introduced yet? She's the little sweetie that was waiting out at Chilliwacks CARE center for a spot with us. She's definitely a skin dog, adorable and friendly as all get out.Shelagh has been going at Open House prep pretty hardcore, we are about six weeks out with plenty to do. This is our showcase weekend. Our chance to show others what we do. And what exactly is that?

Happy animals. Lives not only saved, but worth living. That's what we do.



Ha! Annie having herself a dust bath ;) Or is it called hogfuel bath? I gotta get her "ready for pick up" squat on camera!


It always freaks me out when the birds lay in their back and like that!!!!!