Rescue Journal

picking your own new home.

Carol  ·  May 23, 2019

we picked up little taylor from the airport last night..i think she was a bit shell shocked. it was a long trip down from yellowknife, waaay up north. once she got home, she was nervous and shy but sweet. today she was better but still a bit shy.

i got the brainstorm idea to introduce her to alex..

they were about the same size, same age..might be fun!
so i introduced went fine. they liked each other.
but taylor also wanted to meet nova and the rest of my guys. i was a bit nervous, nova is sweet but she is also a 90 pound uncoordinated, extremely playful dorky puppy.

i did not want taylor squished or overwhelmed. taylor was pretty sure she wanted to take the risk so what the heck..i opened the gate to the big dog yard.
and taylor moved in...i think it might be permanent.
the big dog area has 3 things that taylor REALLY likes....REAL grass to roll around in over and over...a big giant king sized bed to jump on and off of and roll around some more. PLUS not one but two (nova and hannah) energetic large breed puppies to chase and play keep away with.

this afternoon taylor is no longer shy...she picked where and who she wanted to hang out with and my bed room crew just grew once again. i love it when dogs get to make their own choices.
welcome taylor..glad you are happy...i think...depends how much you happy maniacs continue to disrupt my sleep!



Omg...I'm missing out on 2 more dogs to share the bed with on overnights...Sounds fun to me.
This was such a great post to read Carol...missing my time at Saints while in Ontario. So happy for Taylor and Hannah....and Nova and Alex.