Rescue Journal

mystic unwell

Carol  ·  May 27, 2019

got home at midnight last night...spent the evening in emerg with mystic. she started vomitting repeatedly at 6 pm and in 2 hours vomited a dozen times. she felt really crappy. because she is diabetic, this added another worry plus i was worried this could be something serious like a stomach to the ER better safe than sorry.
xrays and bloodwork put my mind at ease and an anti nausea injection helped her to feel a bit least it stopped the vomiting.
she wouldn't eat when we got home but because of the bloodwork i knew her blood sugars were high enough to give her her insulin dose.
mystic slept all last night..she was exhausted.
luna and boomer were very distressed by her much so that both refused to come into the house...boomer slept outside in the dog house, luna would not even stay in the yard so she slept up against the outside of the computer room door! mystic not feeling well totally freaked them both out!

she is still sleeping, hopefully when she awakes the nausea will have completely passed....mystic unwell is upsetting..not just for her (and me!) but for luna and boomer as well!