Rescue Journal


Erin  ·  May 30, 2019

When they first arrived, Lisbon and Oslo seemed pretty limited. Not great at flying, even less so at landing, to the point where towels had to plug potential danger areas if they couldnt quite stick the landing. Lisbon has almost full use of her leg now, she grips with all of her toes almost all of the time. This is so awesome for her! Oslo has completely mastered flying and landing. He has totally compensated for his splayed leg and leads a full and complete life. Both these birds just needed a chance.

We have been slowly introducing our northern MP girls (Clover, Vera and Nadia) to the sunroom crew, they all do an evening run to the lower field. It is going well so far, Nova and Hannah love friends, the more the merrier, and with the pond+bark mulch+mud, the messier the better.

Stella is visiting the MP building, in the hopes that she will move into the office. Its more space for her, but we are not pushing it, just slowly letting her get comfortable before she moves for good. Some of you probably know that Stella is not very fond of me. She actually flat out dislikes me...or does she?

Do you know what Owen and Lenore did for their 43rd wedding anniversary yesterday? They came to SAINTS to do yardwork, getting ready for the open house. Happy anniversary you two, I hope you had a nice dinner afterwards!



Happy anniversary Lenore and Owen!! 43 years!!!!???
Marriage goals !! ❤️