Rescue Journal

Thank You!

Carol  ·  Jun. 5, 2019

Skye has come home! Rick and his crew did a phenomenal job in bringing Skye back from the edge. I think Skye is the 3rd horse that Rick has helped us out with when they needed immediate help and we were shy on space. I am sure we will be knocking at Rick's stable door again with the next one and he promised to let us back in!
But the time came to bring Skye to his now forever home with the rest of the SAINTS barnyard friends. I am telling you..this horse is heart stopping beautiful as he floats across the field. Such a far cry from that sad and broken old horse that the vets originally advised us to consider humane glad we decided to give him a chance.

Skye was originally a racehorse and I guess he is somewhat lucky...he did not end up in a slaughter house facing imminent death. But he has spent many years neglected physically, medically and emotionally. This was abuse to this gentle horse who had no choice about whose careless hands he fell into. Skye is one in a in a million horses who actually found kindness, respect and compassion at the end.
We keep breeding them, selling them, trading them...getting every possible ounce of use out of them and their reward is a terror filled end.

But not took a village...SAINTS, Rick, his staff, our staff and volunteers and all of you who support us as we save one innocent animal at a time.
Skye says Thank You!