Rescue Journal

This weekend is our annual Open House!

Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2019

It is also our 15th year anniversary since the beginning of this oftimes crazy journey of providing safe haven to more than a thousand crippled or broken souls.
Every year is challenging in some way or another. Every year has at some point brought me to tears, filled me with doubts.

And yet every year we pull up our socks, deal with what must be dealt with, face the struggles, find the solutions and keep going on.
We have to, we have grown past the choice to stop.
We have proven that the work we do here is immensely valuable to the senior and special needs animals who fall thru the cracks in traditional animal welfare. Unadoptable used to mean death, now it means something different like thinking outside the box. Incontinent, elderly, sick, even palliative or misfit homeless animals now have a chance at a good quality of life being valued for who they are, what they have survived, what they continue to struggle thru.
They no longer have to be close to perfect to be worth saving, in fact they can be totally wrecked, they can cost thousands of dollars in vet bills, they can be deaf, blind, crippled and leaking with maybe not the sunniest personality, we don't care. They have incredible value to us because of their valuelessness,

All my life I wanted a fair world...none of us are perfect and many of us are really messed up in lot's of why do the animals have to be perfect..why do they have to be cute, or healthy, or even all that nice?
Why do they have to be more perfect than me or you?

Here is a photo of Mocha, little Miss incontinent bark at everything face with no eyes and Mr. Humpy, incontinent Ben with useless back legs..I think they are perfect..all of us at SAINTS think they are perfect..despite it all, with some love, respect, and good medical care..they both are happy and have survived and continue to live a very good quality of life..

15 years we have been at this, more than a thousand rescued souls.
The Open House is our annual celebration of a job very well done for the unadoptable animals of this world..


John and Jacki

Hi Carol:
We tried to get to the open house today and got stuck in terrible traffic on Route 11 from Abbotsford to Mission - paving the bridge deck. We crawled along for at least an hour and a half before we finally got moving at around 4 pm. The whole trip took 3 hours from Vancouver. We drove up to SAINTS anyway just to say we did and met the last volunteer as she was leaving. Sorry we missed it.
It might be an idea to post something on Facebook warning people to find an alternate route, such as Lougheed Highway - forget the freeway. We can't go tomorrow and are disappointed we missed it.
Keep up the good work.
Jacki and John Ross

Lynda Andrei

I want to visit on Saturday for the open house. Not sure of the hours you are open for visitors?