Rescue Journal

Its a high stress week.

Erin  ·  Jun. 19, 2019

We lost our sweet cat Boots on Monday. She has been steadily declining in weight and while we knew about her kidney disease we did not know the other problems that showed up during the diagnostic testing we had done. Boots was just beginning to feel crappy, we caught it early but there was nothing left we could do for her. She was quite possibly the loveliest cat, and she passed peacefully. Boots was only with us for a few months, but it was a few months of a happy life, a life worth living. And that's why we do what we do ♥️ I am very sorry.

Yesterday we accepted an 18 year old cat who lost her home due to litter box issues. She is booked in to the vet already for an exam, bloodwork and urinalysis. We dont care if she pees on the floor, but there could be a medical reason for it. Her name is Murphy-Lee and she is beautiful.

Fancy has had her bladder stone removal surgery. She is unhappily locked in a pen during the healing period. I told her its for her own good and she will be fine but she still wants out, her sunny seat in the window beckons her :)

We had to make a critical decision yesterday regarding Phoebe. She has many MANY issues, kidney disease, heart disease, pancreatitis, painful glaucoma in her only eye, and now infected anal glands. We have elected to give the enucleation surgery a try, after some shuffling by our vet clinic, they were able to squeeze her in two days earlier than was previously booked, she goes in today. So if your vet ever calls you, a client, and asks if you would mind rescheduling your pets surgery because there is another animal in need of the spot, think of little Phoebe and how hard the staff at Eagle Hill worked to fit her in as soon as they could. Keep her in your thoughts today!

Tomorrow we have another risky surgery. Kyah has to have enucleation surgery too, she also only has the one eye. Kyah has severe heart problems and is NOT a good candidate for surgery. We do not have a choice. The pressure in that eye hurts so bad we have to try to take it out. It is a very real possibility that she wont wake up. Or that her heart craps out immediately after. Renee will be staying with both Phoebe today and Kyah tomorrow until they are completely sedated just in case they do not wake up again.

This is scary. It sucks. Part of our commitment to these animals is that we will make decisions the best we can, to do what is right by them. We are trying.