Rescue Journal

The Almighty Dollar.

Carol  ·  Jul. 4, 2019

Do you know what I hate about rescue?
I just don't think that the almighty dollar should be any kind of consideration when helping helpless sick animals..or people for that matter.
And do you know what truly bugs me about money?
Its not is just flimsy paper with numbers and pictures that we made up to be something important.
But it is all make believe, we built our entire world, enslaved almost every living life in the search of monopoly money.
Do you know what is really real?
People, Animals, wild and domestic, Insects, ButterFlies, Birds, Fish, Turtles and Bees, Trees, Plants, The layers of earth beneath our feet, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes...the earth upon which we live and breathe.

I hate worrying about paying the bills. I hate the endless juggling each month to balance the books. I hate animals being held hostage for how much money they are worth and conversely losing their lives once they are deemed cost ineffective and virtually worthless.
Some smart person said that money is the root of all evil...I think I agree.

But here is the reality of this world and constantly costs money.
So there we are forced into the role of perpetual beggers....asking for handouts over and over and over again just so we can pay the bills for our rescued animal friends.
People say we are saints or angels because we care for our animals so well. They applaud us because we treat our animals with great care and even greater respect.
And do you know why we do it? Because it is right. There is so much wrong with this sometimes dark dreary world...being kind, responsible and respectful to senior and special needs homeless animals, brings in a little more light.
We really care about them, we really try to do the best that we can and we do this because somehow or another, we actually can.

But we are not heroes for what we give to these incredible beings, of course we should be caring for them..this should be completely normal, we used them to get whatever it was that we wanted so of course we should pay them back with kind and responsible care. But we are heroes in one regard... because day after day, year after year, decade after decade we do what we hate more than anything in the world...we perpetually search for that flimsy paper with pictures and numbers that honestly is not even real...just so we can pay the bills which in this utterly weird and twisted world, are frankly somedays heart stopping real.

( i like this photo of what's really real much better!)


Marylynn Brown

Great blog,Carol. The actual comment about the root of all evil was written
by Paul to Timothy in the Bible and says the love of money is the root of all
evil. Money in and of itself is not the problem. Just a more convenient way
of doing business instead of using rocks or shells or animals !