Rescue Journal

Our much loved Rudy passed gently from this life today.

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2019

The staff, volunteers, our vet and even today's large double tour groups all in one way or another paid homage to the end of life for this wonderful old horse.
The other farm animals were aware of what was happening and Dixie, Raven, Skye and Emily were all upset at his passing. His human friends stood by his side and whispered their love to him in their goodbyes.
He was surrounded by loving care...he was surrounded by many different loving spirits in many shapes and sizes, some with 2 legs, others with four but all of them there for him at the end

when an animal passes from here, it is not just the humans who grieve, many of the other animals also mourn.

We are a family, we celebrate together and we share the sadness of loss too.

Rudy was a great horse, he was kind, he was gentle, he was beautiful too. And he had a bit of a sense of humor.

the vision of him in my head that I will forever carry is Rudy ready and waiting to go back into the barn for supper. Standing by the gate was never quite enough to get real and FULL attention so to ensure that he really got his important point across..that it was dinner time NOW.....Rudy would put both of his feet on the bottom rung of the gate, then he would move them both up another rung and there he would stand, tall and dignified impossible to miss or ignore.

Rudy, you were truly an awesome and one of a kind horse!

fly free sweet boy.



He is missed so much 😥i love and will never forget you Rudy❤️❤️


We all loved Rudy so much. He was a kind horse who we will all miss . Run Rudy, run like the wind Rudy, like the wind , fast, free like the wind.