Wishes 4 Whiskers Animal Card Sponsorships

Sheila  ·  Jul. 13, 2019

Every year we make sure the SAINTS residents presence is felt at our fundraiser. Every year we have succeeded in having every animal receive $25 sponsorship. This means each animal sponsored is at the event in spirit through a creative sponsorship card.

This is a great way for those SAINTS fans we live far away or can't make the event to contribute to Wishes 4 Whiskers.

Most of our readers are familiar with the process. Click on this link and write your FIRST and LAST NAME next to the animal you would like to sponsor

There are 2 Ways to Pay

1. Click on this link Just below the purchasing a ticket box there is a place to enter a donation.(This is our preferred payment option)

2. Mail a check to SAINTS. 33860 Dlugosh Ave. Mission, BC V2V 6B2. Please mark your check with W4W sponsorship on it.

Please email if you have any questions. If you have problems accessing the spreadsheet please post your sponsored animal in the comment section and I will fill out the form for you.


Wendy Robinson

The rabbits are on the very far right of the spreadsheet. You have to scroll as far right as you can :)