Rescue Journal

i can't stand it any longer, i need to come clean.

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2019

i was asleep but i just woke up and the first thing that popped into my mind was the brownie sitting in my fridge.
soooo i got up to eat it.
and while i was sitting in the computer chair enjoying my late night treat i was casually watching the horses thru the cameras.
and that's when i remembered that i previously posted something totally untrue.
i had posted previously that skye was no longer cribbing. but there is skye, tonight in the camera cribbing away in full view.
i did not intend to lie or spread misinformation, esp. in making us sound pretty darn wonderful in curing him when we didn't.
but here is the worst part..i said what i said not to mislead but because i really believed it and did not know i was actually stupid.

here is what happened and how this occurred...
unbeknownst to me the staff switched the horses...skye went into dixies stall and dixie went into rudy's which i thought was now skyes.
both horses are brown and in the dark barn with very dim light the horse who i thought was skye and not cribbing was really dixie not cribbing because dixie never has cribbed in her entire life.
and do you know how i eventually discovered my mistake?
i said to mo one will think i am crazy but dixie is growing, she is way taller.
mo laughed and said that is because dixie had like a foot of shavings in her stall and that is why she looked so much bigger.
and i thought this was funny so i told ali the story and she looked at me like i was insane and said you do know dixie and skye switched stalls right?
no i did not. so all along i was looking at the wrong horse.
i am stupid. and i told a lie but because of that brownie i have now confessed.
sooo..dixie is not growing and skye is still cribbing and i probably need to get my eyesight checked.
everyone does tell me that skye is cribbing less but we didn't cure him like i originally said.
sorry for being so utterly dumb.



On Saturday we didn't see Skye cribbing on the gate at all! He normally comes and chews it up... but he was down eating grass all day instead :) Little steps!


It's not a lie when you just make an honest're the most honest person I know Carol.....You don't know how to lie. ❤


A brownie wouldn’t have done it for me I would have had to have a glass of wine then blurted out the truth lol


Skye is still cribbing but not nearly as much as before. I suspect old habits are very hard to break. He is so much calmer now. It’s a beautiful this to see.