Rescue Journal

Cinnamon passed away yesterday

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2019

Initially she made the adjustment to SAINTS really well but one day suddenly she was laying in a litter box hissing and growling. This was so uncharacteristic of her that we rushed her into the vet thinking she had a UTI or a stone. Nothing showed on the blood work, the urinalysis, or the xrays so treated her with antibiotics and pain meds just in case. She did settle down and went back to her sweet normal self but continued to be problematic to feed, eating less and less, hiding and sleeping a lot. Another set of antibiotics and a switch to other pain meds but she continued to fail. Yesterday the vets agreed that there was really nothing left to try for her and it was time to let her go. Cinnamon was a very sweet 15 year old cat and we were so sorry to lose her.



Cinnamin says "thank you for giving me love and shelter in my twilight time and thanks for having the courage to make the decision to let me be free"


💕 so sorry...sometimes everything that can be done, still just isn't enough. RIP Cinnamon