Rescue Journal

3 more SAINTS has been a terrible weekend.

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2019

lilo out matriarch bunny passed away yesterday. she suddenly became ill and had spent the night in the ER and came home with meds but she passed away early in the morning. huge thx to roane for spending hours in emerg with her so she wasn't afraid.

wicket died yesterday, his new family rushed him into ER in cardiac failure. So very sad they did not have more time together but they wanted wicket to have a great home for whatever time he had left. and they gave him that, hugs to his family and thank you so much for being brave enough to give him a home at his end.

and tonight we lost diesel. he has been sliding downhill for the past several weeks, multiple med changes could not stop the downhill slide. this weekend he was having really difficulty breathing so he was taken into the ER and with an ultrasound a pleural effusion was discovered. this most likely was the result of an unknown and hidden cancer and the vet said there was no real hope for him. luckily andrea (the love of his life) was with him so instead of a highly stressful, fighting/biting enraged diesel end...diesel was a sweet marshmellow and passed peacefully with andrea's gentle and loving hands upon him.
rest in peace were a kick ass dog and all of us loved you, even when you tried to bite us!

HUGE thanks to The Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley for taking such kind and expertise care of our most vulnerable and precious lost souls.



Thank you to the brave parents of knew he did not have long...maybe God knew too and drew you especially to him so he could have a loving family before he passed...what a beautiful living gift you gave to Wicket...thank you...(I know how you feel as I was in a very similar situation...and it broke my heart...)

Ellen Nickerson

Diesel was my favourite Saint. Cried as if I had lost one of my own.


Oh much sad news..💔
Thankfully, each Saint passed with their special someone lovingly holding them; but wow....a reminder of just how fragile life is, and how suddenly our hearts can be very sorry.
RIP sweethearts🌈

shelagh f

oh dear, how sad for everyone. so sorry for Wicket's new family,
can't imagine how they are feeling. thank you for caring for him for
just a little while. poor Roane, we know how she loves her buns. Lilo
had a good life with her family. and Andrea, how lucky Diesel was to
have you, taking him for car rides and going to Timmys, he was such
a lucky guy to have you. Saints has such great staff, all of them working
every day to keep everyone safe and content as they can be