Rescue Journal

i was sleeping

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2019

but nova was pressed up against my back playing bitey face with hannah and woke me up by shoving me around.. gawd that dog is a 110 pound play-a-holic....when will she grow up?!
this morning i awoke to an entire roll of paper towels torn apart in the yard..nova's midnight handiwork i suppose. thank god for owen cuz he got stuck cleaning the mess up.

probably getting a giant breed puppy was somewhat of a bad idea...i love her but will love her way more when she grows into a quieter and more dignified old age.

speaking of....that old and wrecked crippled kitchen crew are absolute heart throbs! i was feeding the dogs at bedtime and boris was doing happy circles to keep me motivated. ginger was following me to and forth to ensure i didn't forget anything. marcus was sending telepathic messages..."please make sure i get a lot!"
everyone else sat in the beds patient as saints for their turn...not like those moronic hyperactive, knock ya over goof balls who live in my room.

i thought the elephant in the room was supposed to be uncomfortably quiet but the elephant in my room is happy, happy, happy. so freaking happy...
all 110 pounds of her.


Lenore Henry

In some ways, if Nova hadn’t discovered the paper towels, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy another funny Blog from you!!

Brenda McCormick

Love this I have experienced the nightime antics of Nova wrestling and play fighting. with Hanna, Mystic and Taylor on the bed, while rolling and stepping on me in the process. It would be annoying if it wasn't so hilariously ridiculous. I don't know how you do it every night tho overnights are sporadic, so it's ok.. .and still cracks me up; but every night would get crazy.
And yes... the kitchen dogs are dolls❤


And its all something to be thankful for - except maybe for the paper towels.