Rescue Journal

a little bit of cuteness (or not) goes a very long way...

Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2019

what is really cool about saints is the opportunity we personally are given to learn and grow.
i used to be just a dog person, then became a cat person and next a rabbit, sheep, cow, chicken, duck, horse, llama, goat, turkey, turtle, donkey fan.
i am surprised by some of the not only differences in these varied animal emotional lives but also by some of the similarities.
and what i really love about here is that a dog is not a dog, a cat is not just a cat, a duck is not just a duck..they are all unique individual persons in their own right.

mo and i got a horse. he is 34 years old and had 3 days to find a safe place to land. the email came in thru saints but saints is full plus money is tight. not a good time to be trying to stretch for another ongoing big expense. so mo and i decided to take him on ourselves. we put him into boarding,
we will provide what he needs and share the cost of paying for it all. his name is tucker, he is a sweet old man who just likes to be hugged and be cuddled. i met the vet at the stable today, tuck has a bit of an eye and upper respiratory infection, and he needs his teeth done.
even tho both mo and i volunteer neck deep in rescue..sometimes rescue realistically isn't able to help. but personally we can if we are able step up and help someone in need ourselves.
this is a good option for tucker and it will be good for mo and me too because there is nothing we love more than a very sweet, old and cuddly horse.

i swear to god i walked around here today and pretty much all i said was..good lord, he or she is so freaking cute! everywhere i looked there were these freaking old wrecked and yet adorable animals, it made my heart full, this house full of cuteness!

i get overwhelmed in my head sometimes...there is so very much i need to accomplish over the next few years. but i am telling you, the one very great thing about rescue is...while my head might get overwhelmed, my heart just keeps stretching and stretching and getting bigger and bigger with every new addition....they are all so freaking cute.
except willy...he's not cute...he is actually a bit of a visual horror, (kind of like a mini, biting, hunchback of notre dame with his twisted little back and legs and his stuck out little penis) but when i look at him he still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. even the not so cute (or not so nice) ones get to you...that's what rescue does to's kind of insane!

i call him uriaah heep or gollum, renee calls him baby (she is blinder than the rest of us!), erin suggested rosemary's baby?...bottom line..he's not so sweet or cute, he is definitely sometimes really not very nice! but he is our tiny twisted grumpy willy and that's just fine....because.... not only is love truly blind...the real cuteness of them all is INSIDE.


shelagh f

hmmmm, when i met Willy a couple of weeks ago, i think
i did say, i think he will be with us forever. but at least
he has landed in a good place

Brenda McCormick

Wow....Tucker won the lottery big time....❤❤
and can't wait to meet Willy Wonka tomorrow...
Love this post Carol....