Rescue Journal

Hazel passed away today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 25, 2019

She was not herself yesterday but perked up a little later in the day. This morning I found her splayed out on the floor, unable to get up. I moved her to the carpet area to see if with better grip it would help but she crashed even further, laying there, unable to raise her head.
I took her to Boundary Bay Emergency, she perked up on the ride and was able to lift her head. By the time we got there she was a little bit scared and slipped around on the exam room floor wanting to get away. I think the adrenaline was peaking because she started shivering..not from cold but because she was scared. In speaking with the vet it looked like she was having small strokes that when added to her already existing dementia was increasing her feeling afraid. The vet felt with her vision loss, her confusion, her weakness, her very advanced age, that quality of life was becoming an issue. We decided that it was in her best interests to help her let go, hopefully to a more peaceful place.
Once she had her sedation, she went right to sleep and no longer was afraid, from there she was able to pass peacefully away.

Hazel was a very old dog who had lived a not always easy life. In the past few months she has had quite a few big medical challenges that she had to work thru and like a trooper over time, she was able to. However as sad as I was to let her go, I am glad she is now free from any further pain or challenges, they just seemed to be adding up on her, one after another, never ending.
I hope you now rest easy Hazel, you were a very sweet girl.



Thank you Carol...It’s sad that your last 2 posts had to be goodbye tributes; but again a reminder of how suddenly your head and heart have to change gears when caring for senior animals....even at Christmas.
RIP sweet Hazel❤️


I'm glad you were there for her Carol.
Another sweet soul who will be missed.