Rescue Journal

whatever it takes.

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2020

several of our guys have gone out to foster or adoptive homes:
spenser, mick, ginger and peanut all won the home of your own lottery this week. as always there is a trial period but fingers crossed they all succeed.

snowman's blood work came back, he is positive for cushings and has started treatment.

no new incomings for now. we have space but money for vet bills is concerning. our medical bills for 2019 were over $200,000.00 and our christmas donations this year were not as high as previous years. it is a bit of a worry. we are doing what we can to reduce costs around here without affecting the care of the animals we already are responsible for. better to tighten our belts before we hit a crises, a boy scout (and a rescue) must always be prepared.

and here is the thing, i don't remember any time in rescue when worry wasn't a part of every day living. some days are worse than others for sure but in rescue there are no guarantees on anything. it goes right back to the ripple in the pond or peeling the onion thing..there are layers to rescue that most folks can't even conceive of. its a complicated and inter related series of untangling strings. if anyone ever tells you that the solutions to problems in rescue are easy, feel free to tell them, they are freaking crazy!
we are the proverbial beggars with a tin cup and every penny counts that comes in because it all adds up. but all the pennies going out add up too.
and the problem with tin cup begging is you never know how many pennies will be tossed in...might be a lot or maybe not. trust me, trying to run a rescue this big is fucking scary.

all i can say is that for 15 years, we have some how managed to make it work. 2020 might be starting out a bit tougher than usual but we will find ways to deal with it.
because here is the most important thing..we have to, we promised.
and we have kept our promise to all of them, in 2020 we will do the same, whatever it takes.