Rescue Journal

Once Upon a Time...

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2020

A puppy was born and she was an adorable puppy with the sweetest face and startling intelligent blue icy eyes. She came into the world safe in the care of her mother and the warmth of her brothers and sisters, innocent of the hardships awaiting her.
A dogs life is never their own, it belongs to their masters. A dogs life is never secure, it floats on the tides of human whims.
By the time this puppy was one year old her body was chained and that chain encircled her mind with frustration and fear.
It takes not long for a human to destroy the mind and spirit of a helpless animal.
After eight long years of living chained in anxious uncertainty, Shyla found her way here.
We will never undo the damage done to her, she is not a boat motor that with new parts can be easily repaired.
But for all of her quirks, her peaks and valleys, angry and anxious moments, and the shadowy way she views her world, we will love her.
because once upon a time she was an innocent puppy before she was broken into sharp jagged pieces in a careless world.



I saw a post on Respectful Rescue of the dogs pulled off the rez... -40 temperatures and there are puppies freezing to death. Its totally heartbreaking. Glad Shyla was one of the lucky ones.


I cannot imagine what she has lived through. Here is a post that shelter put up recently:

It is going to be really cold this week. Please be sure to extreme winterize your dogs. They need more food this time of year if they are active or stay outside and they definitely need straw in their insulated dog houses if you keep them outside. They also need water each day. Just Snow is not good enough. Dogs use up a lot of energy trying to stay warm so owners need to increase their food intake by a full extra meal. When walking most dogs should have boots on and a coat.
We advise that you bring your outside dogs inside for a few hours a day at least. They may like to stay in your porch or basement instead of in the freezing cold. If you are cold your dogs are cold. There are some exceptions but most dogs do not do well in this extreme cold climate.

Shyla lived through that, what 8 years of her life? Its amazing she even lived through it at all