Rescue Journal

We lost Ben today

Carol  ·  Jan. 13, 2020

Two days ago he was sucking on Erin's fingers as he drifted off to sleep, wrapped up in his blanket. He was safe, he was loved, he was happy.
48 hours later he was gone and we are left reeling from his sudden loss.

Benjamin was a frenchie, bred like other bull dog breeds to have pushed in faces, cork screw tails and massive chests. Along with that designer look came a host of health issues, elongated palates, too small respiratory passages, spina bifida, weak hearts and Ben had them all. For a year now he has been fully parapalegic, yesterday he went in respiratory distress and this morning he died in critical care of cardiac arrest.

Ben loved everyone, Ben loved his toys and his blankets and his treats. He went for walks in his wheelchair and in bad weather in his stroller with lynne and the other volunteers. he had many friends who loved him dearly and really enjoyed hanging out with him. Ben was a horribly bred dog, who never stood a chance for a normal life. But Ben had a huge heart and a generous soul and he lived the best life he could with what he had.

Rest in peace Benjamin you are dearly loved sweet, sweet dog.

Our deepest thanks to Boundary Bay staff and vets for trying so hard to save our boy.



🌈 Goodbye Ben...There have been many special Saints pass that I have shed tears over...this one gave my heart a jolt. He was just such a bright light, with all the challenges life gave him. RIP sweet boy.