Rescue Journal

Know your limits

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2020

Why can't we help every animal who needs us? What is one more? and one more? and one more? and one more?
There is always one more, ten more, 100 more, 1000 more..endless more.
And if rescues don't learn to say no, the rescues cease to be rescue and become something terrible.
SAINTS works to its max...we help every single animal we possibly can and then we say no.
We struggle every day to meet the needs of the animals in our care, to give them clean beds, full bowls, enough safe space and proper medical care.
We are not magicians that can wave our magic wands and make money appear to pay our bills or conjure up a bigger and better place.
We make every inch and dollar stretch as far as it can and when it has stretched to its maximum we acknowledge this.

However, let me tell you a story about an animal we had to say no to. Because it is not always just rescue that can step up and help an animal, sometimes individual people can too.

Several months ago SAINTS was asked to provide haven for a 35 year old horse named Tucker. Raven was still alive then and SAINTS had no room. Tucker was at the end of the road, homes for 35 year old horses are few. We knew this when we said no but there was nothing that we could do.

Three of our SAINTS volunteers with their own money, on their own time, stepped forward to help this ancient horse. They pay for his boarding at a stable not here, they pay for his food and his shavings, his bowls and his winter coats. In about 3 months he has been with them, they have paid about $4000 in vet bills to address his health issues. Later several more SAINTS volunteers came out to Tuckers stable and helped dig out his muddy paddock and wheelbarrow in new clean dry fill. Its been a tough road for them all, the weather, the mud, the mouth surgery, the colic, working to make Tucker more comfortable. Tucker could have come to SAINTS when Raven died but choices have to be made and Snowman needed us more. Tucker was safe.

SAINTS can never help every animal that tries to enter our gates. But sometimes individuals can work together to find a way.

Tucker spent several days in the vet hospital, the first time for dental surgery to relieve a very painful degenerative condition affecting his incisor teeth, the second time for nonresolving colic in the middle of that terrible freezing weather. HUge Thanks to Agwest vet group for taking such great care of him in his time of need.

Tucker is not a SAINT but he does have a few angels looking out for him.



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