Rescue Journal

just a quick update at saints

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2020

its been busy here.
we are still down 2 staff.
skye colicked 2 days ago. frost colicked yesterday.
charlotte is not well.
mitzy's biopsy came back..non cancerous..yay!
sadly stella's also came back but with terrible news and she is now palliative.
new dog buttons wants to be held 24/7 and barks a lot when he is not sleeping which is most of the night.
so far everyone else is ok but the staff here are without a doubt getting tired.
looks like a long road ahead of us which totally sucks.
we will keep hanging in and doing the best we can.
HUGE thanks to our staff and volunteers at the front lines in caring for our SAINTS.



hi cynthia, feel free to fill out an application on our website thx!

Cynthia Lim

If you would like to adopt out either Mitsy or Buttons ... let me know


wow lawrence what a super kind offer. i bet the staff would love a pizza lunch on a tough day..not so much for the pizza but for the so very kind thought behind it!


You guys are doing amazing work.
My dog (gemma_the_doggie) and I have been following you on IG, and we love what you do.
We want to help. Are you still accepting donations? Can we order meals to be delivered to you? Please let me us know! You can email me back or DM Gemma's IG.