Rescue Journal

this is my new horse...

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2020

SAINTS is full and didn't have room so I decided to take her on myself and put her into boarding with Rick. She will get all the TLC she needs there to help her become the horse she is supposed to be.

Her racing name was Fabulous Charmer She is a thoroughbred 18 year old ex race horse. Her grandfather was Seattle Slew, Her great grand mother was Foolish Pleasure, 2 very famous racehorses.
Having famous ancestors didn't help her.
I call her Charm.
Charm had a shitty life, thank goodness the SPCA Cruelty Dept. rescued her.
I love her, hopefully she will soon feel healthy, happy and valued.



So glad Charm is getting lots of TLC. I fell in love with her volunteering at the Good Shepherd barn (spca) and think of her often. She is so sweet and gentle. Love her lots, it will be reciprocated.


She's beautiful and has such a sweet fact. Can't wait to see her "after" pics showing what love and caring can do.