Rescue Journal

our shame

Carol  ·  May 3, 2020

i call the rabbits the silent screamers and i call horses the silent slaves.
there are some truly good or great homes out there for both of them and mediocre to horrid for all the rest.
the smallest and the mightiest of the beasts that we have tamed and yet the ones we most abuse.
bred for one purpose only to serve in some form or another, each individual eventually of so little value. they die alone, never knowing why we wanted them in the first place.

i look at my new horse Fabulous Charm, great grand daughter of Foolish Pleasure, grand daughter of the mighty Seattle Slew. three generations of hundreds of horses bred from the very best. most like Charm are probably already dead and many others suffering from abuse, starvation and neglect as she did.
i can't afford her. bringing her back from her current wreck is expensive. between food and board and vet care she is costing me almost $1000 a month, so much for being retired. and what am i bringing her back to? once she gains another couple of hundred pounds she will still be unusable. chronic arthritis, chronic mud fever, at 19 years of age, she will still be useless. and that is just her middle age, once she reaches her late 20's and 30's we can expect more health issues, more expenses.

so why bother? why not let her go and save another who can still be of use?
because Charm never asked to be born. she never asked to be raced, to be bred, to be bought and sold. she never asked to be left alone to starve so badly that she lost her muscle and became a bag of skin and bones.
Charm is not grateful, she doesn't give a shit about me. i am just one among a long line of humans, good? bad? she doesn't care. she is indifferent to me.

her stable mate lays her soft nose against my face, she nickers when i walk into the barn. she likes me.
Charm could care less.
so why bother?
because i am ashamed.
how does the human species take and take and take from these animals and then turn a blind eye to their pain?

i cannot afford not to help Charm. my soul can't see what we do and not try to undo. she never has to love me. she never has to be grateful, she never has to see me as any better then those she has known in the past. because i too still use her, as i try to soothe my soul from the horror of knowing they suffer in human hands..

if ever the animals of this earth let loose their screaming, tortured voices, all of mankind would be ashamed.



They sure would we treat our animals like they r nothing but they have so much worth what is wrong with people that they figure animals r a commodity to be exploited and then just tossed aside like trash we r sure not the superior race if we were we would take care of the animals that depend on us we would love them till the end if nothing else saints has taught me that all animals r worthy of our love and they so deserve that a big Thankyou to saints for stepping out for the forgotten ones the ones that we love and will protect