Rescue Journal

Floating Hope

Carol  ·  May 15, 2020

Cash is a little 9 week old shepherd cross puppy in ICU at Boundray Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital fighting for his life.

His family unable to afford the spiralling medical bills were caught between a rock and a hard place and finally after much regret were considering euthanization.
Instead, Cash was signed over to SAINTS last night in a last ditch attempt to save his life.

Cash saw Dr Gordon the neurologist at 11pm last evening. He ordered an emergency late night diagnostic, sedating him and removing some cerebral/spinal fluid to send for testing. The best guess right now is that Cash has Meningitis or Encephalitis. We need to know if it is bacterial, viral or fungal so he can get the right treatment.
The test results are not back yet but he is getting the full meal deal treatment of 2 different IV antibiotics, one specifically that will cross the blood/brain barrier. Plus he is getting high doses of steroids to reduce brain and spinal inflammation and thank goodness lots of really good pain control because the poor little guy was in agony. At least in the pain department, he is now feeling better!

We don't know if Cash will make it. We don't know if there will be any residual neuro effects if he does survive. What we do know is this is going to be really expensive but it is the very best chance that little Cash has.
Because here is thing...Cash was bred into the human world by human choice. Humans are ultimately responsible to Cash to try their very hardest to ensure he lives a good and kind life.
We hope Cash survives and will live a long and happy life.
But in Cash's case, hope alone is not good enough, he also needs intensive medical care.
Please join us in helping Cash get this.
He is a sweet little puppy with a very strong will to live.



Carol. Thank you for hearing his cry. Thank you Anne for being such an incredible coworker who listened to me cry about a small puppy who was sick and in need of help. You guys, you are my hero’s. I hope he will pull all the way through and become the biggest hairiest crazy full of love boy he can be. Thank you SAINTS. The grand expanse of your hearts is outstanding.