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Carol  ·  May 16, 2020

it has been a tough couple of days. mystic had her eye surgery to restore her sight. she is now in a cone and needs 3 sets of eye drops, some every 2 hours. this is not her most favorite thing and timing wise it is a headache getting them all in on time. plus she hates the cone so to make sure we know this ALL DAY LONG, she uses that freaking cone like a wrecking ball!

little snape sadly passed away.

marvin seizured again yesterday.

skye colicked for about 12 hours, the vets were out twice, once at night and of course thru the rest of the night he needed close monitering. i will say that i discovered something interesting about freaks him out when walking at night and our very loud frog chorus suddenly starts to sing! the first time erin heard it, it freaked her out too..she thought we were being invaded by aliens!
i however love the sound of them singing....skye not so much.

the 8 pot belly pigs all had their feet done yesterday. 3 had difficulty coming out of the sedation and needed all hands on deck administering glucose, rubbing, turning, applying heating discs, and preventing the ones that were lunging from injuring themselves. i think everyone was pretty damn tired by the time they headed home for the night but thankfully all the pigs were well by then! today mo said she saw a video on line with a guy trimming his pigs feet..he got the pig drunk on beer first. i think next time we should try that!

and of course little cash at BB ICU has added another stress. multiple phone calls with the vets, worrying about him while hoping for the best.
then there was the injured bird call last night, but he got away before we could step in and help.

in the midst of this OMG! these freaking animals there were a couple of heart warming or twisted funny moments.

last night when it was time for mystics drops, michelle came over to help me. all of her special treats were gone so i had to improvise and gave her meatloaf instead. the meatloaf was way too good and mystic got way too excited and puked it all right back and right out of her cone. boomer who was perfectly positioned, swooped in and gobbled it down. i was busy cleaning the slime out of her cone and michelle was busy retching over boomers grossness in the corner! i was worried michelle wouldn't come back at 7am this morning to help me again, hah! but she did!

today the horses, donkeys and cows got a chance to taste that beautiful lush pasture we have been preparing for them. there was lots of running, rearing, rolling going on with their mouths stuffed full of sweet long grass. it was wonderful to see them so joyful. those kinds of things wipe away all of the difficulties in recent days passed! hopefully someone will post a video on the FB page from today!



The frogs were singing last Saturday during my was wonderful. I am with Michelle on the eating puke too..makes me gag. I have a couple crappy videos of the horses on the grass..I couldn't get my phone camera on video quick enough. :-(

shelagh f

as far as the vomiting goes, that's why you need a couple of dogs,
someone is always able to do the clean up duty. Saints alumni, Flora
is very old and frail, but she can leap tall buildings with a single bound
for cat puke


I love the frog chorus on overnights...I tried to record it once, just to show how marvellous it is...but the taped version didn’t do it justice. It is so awesome!


Just for that I'm gonna record the frog chorus so everyone can hear how nuts it gets!