Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2020

JoJo is not well. We are not sure what is up with him but whatever it is, it's not good.
When JoJo came in a few weeks ago his left hind leg was swollen, he had a good check up and xrays and nothing showed up. It wasn't bugging him so we let it go. A couple of weeks later suddenly he was running a fever, the leg swelling got worse and now it was painful. Another rounds of tests without finding anything. With pain meds and antibiotics it got better in a few days and once again he was good to go. This week his other hind leg swelled up and became really painful, once again he was running a fever. Xrays, blood work gave no clue as to what was happening. He is back on antibiotics (2 different ones this time around) and pain meds. The leg remains swollen and he is still not getting up.
The vets have a couple of different theories but nothing concrete. On Monday he goes into Boundary Bay to start seeing the specialists..cardiac, ortho, internal medicine, hopefully there is an answer somewhere.

JoJO is the best-est dog, he is sweet, kind, gentle and FUNNY! He absolutely loves his toys..and every one elses too. He will quietly sneak in and steal toys where ever he can find them, even from sick little puppies when no one is looking!
JoJO is not stealling toys right now, he just doesn't feel all that good. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, JoJo likes living here..good toys, good treats, good people who adore him and think he is totally cool!



Hi Wendy So sorry it took so long to respond to your comment. JoJo has a torn ACL and is now on house arrest until he heals.

Wendy Ross

Hello. I just came across your site with Jojo. Do you have an update on him? It is upsetting to hear he is so unwell.
I lost my Lab Maddie last October. I rescued her from Delta at approximately age 6/7. She was with me for 10 and a half years. I am now looking to rescue again.
I hope something can be done to help Jojo.
What is his story? How old is he? He looks like a Lab.

Brenda hoped that he had recovered and was back to being “Jolly Jojo” again. I was there on Saturday night when he suddenly shutdown; changing from actively running in and out the front door, with tail a very sad, quiet boy, who refused to leave his bed, even for his favourite cheese treat?? He is the sweetest dog ever, and this is heartbreaking...❤️❤️🙏🙏