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Parvo puppies

Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2020

These little 9 week old pups are having a tough time. They were purchased from a broker in Alberta for $1200 and brought to BC to be sold for about $2500, except they got sick. Now before we all go ape-shit holier than thou on the person who bought them to sell them, take a deep breath. This person has 5 little kids and COVID has messed up the family income. The demand for puppies is high in BC, it seemed like a relatively easy way to bring in some much needed money and really tried to do it well with picking out good families. To a novice, it seemed like a good idea. The puppies started showing signs yesterday and in 24 hours the vet bills so far were over $3000. It was a hard lesson to learn, puppies from Alberta millers and brokers are not a good investment. They notified all of the already rehomed puppies so the families knew the pups were exposed to parvo and took back any that the families wanted to return. They were very concerned what would happen with the puppies here and were very grateful when I explained what we do. In rescue we love to judge others for not knowing what we know...but once upon a time...I didn't know anything either. So I give this family a pass..they learned a hard and expensive lesson and the pups are in good hands here. There are 2 little shepx pups and 3 little border colliex pups. They are adorable and I hope they all make it. This is going to be a ton of hard work, they will be in isolation and require medications and special care for weeks. And of course they are going to be expensive because medical care for very sick puppies is expensive. But please to the powers that these sweet, innocent little babes return to healthy.


Wendy Robinson

Questions about adopting any animal from SAINTS should sent to Thanks everyone!

Rachel Harbowy

Hi there,
My dad James volunteers at the barn at SAINTS. He mentioned the puppies to me as me and my husband are looking to adopt. Would love to get one of these little angels

Sarah Cabena

Will these pups be available for adoption when they are well?

Shelley Hatfield

I'm wondering how the parvo pups are please? I know there odds are good.

Also are donations given charitable receipts?

Thanks for helping all animals!

Wendy RobinsonShelley Hatfield

Hello Shelley, I would recommend emailing about the parvo pups. Unfortunately I'm just a site admin (not Carol) and was first to see your comment here. We are adjusting to a new a website/system, so unfortunately got to these a bit late.

We do indeed provide tax receipts for donations through our website donation form. Thanks so much!